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Austria and Snow

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I was nicely surprised during the week. Thursday was a 'public holiday' and Csilla said she had to drive to Austria - a place called Bruck an der Leitha. Although it was a very quick trip, and Rebeca only managed to take a couple of photos, I got to see another country.

It is supposed to be Spring, yet we were greeted with snow when we returned to Hungary. I do love the snow, but I am so very small, that I sometimes disappear underneath even the smallest amount.

However, Csilla and Rebeca looked after me and even gave me something to sit on, so that my ‘bear behind’ stayed warm!

Rebeca and I played in the snow and even built a snow-bear together (I did most of the work, but do not let Rebeca know that I said so).

There is nothing more beautiful than playing in the snow, then going inside and having a large cup of hot chocolate. Unfortunately, we did do the first activity, but somebody forgot the second. In her defence, somebody was clearing the snow from the front path, but I am too small to make my own, so I had to go without…

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