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Crater Lake – Oregon (USA)

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Oh my goodness! I thought my trip to the Lighthouse was my special trip for the day, but I was also taken to an amazing place called 'Crater Lake' and I saw snow for the very first time.

It is cold, like ice cream, and I think this is what it must feel like when you walk on a cloud. I hope to do that one day too.

Crater Lake was very beautiful. it is very round and has a small island called ‘Wizard Island‘ which was very interesting to see.

Jan told me that it is the deepest lake in America and that it is 1,943 feet deep. I did not know what a foot was (except the ones on the bottom of my legs), but Jan told me.

“There are about three of you in one foot, so that means it would take nearly 6,000 Jumbles to reach the bottom of the lake.”

That is a lot of Jumbles!

I took my very first selfie with the phone at a small creek called “The Narrows” and I think I did a very good job!

I thought the trip to the lighthouse was amazing, but this Crater Lake was so beautiful that I almost forgot to breathe!

We rested in the Visitor Centre which was very warm after the cold lake. I wanted to tell the owner that he had spelled ‘Centre‘ incorrectly on their sign, but I decided it may be a bit rude. Inside the Centre were lovely things to see and for sale. I liked a big photo. It was quite expensive and too big for my box, so we decided not to buy it.

Russ says that we are going to California next. I wonder what is there?


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