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On My Way Again…

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I am leaving Jan, Russ and Oregon behind and I am travelling to a new city, a new country, a new continent.

This time, I know where I am going to. Russ said I will go to a country called Hungary. Again, I was a good bear and didn’t remind him that it is spelled “hungry” – I will never fully understand American spelling!

So, once again, I am in my little box, with a flask of coffee and something called PB and J sandwiches. Jan told me this means Peanut Butter and Jelly. I peeked inside and saw the peanut butter, which I love. There was also some jam, that Jan obviously forgot to tell me about, but absolutely no jelly whatsoever, which was very disappointing. I guess that she must have made them in the dark and used the wrong ingredients. They are still very tasty though!

It is always hard to say goodbye to new friends, but this was particularly difficult. Jan and Russ (and Sammy their cat) were wonderful people and they took me on so many different adventures and fed me so much food that my little tummy almost exploded. I had a very ‘Hippy‘ time with them both

You see Jan, I can spell American too…

Thank you both for an ‘awesome’ experience.

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Superbowl 2018 – Coos Bay (USA)

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Russ and Jan took me to a local pub to watch something called the 'Superbowl'.

The Liberty Pub was full of lovely people and we watched the game on a large television and ate hot dogs, although everyone called them ‘brats‘ and lovely chips, which they all called ‘fries’. It is all very strange.

The game was quite exciting went on for a long time and was very confusing. Many men, dressed in motorcycle helmets were running with something that didn’t look like a ball at all. They hardly ever kicked it, but held it in their hands and threw it to each other. A lady called Susan was there. She is a teacher, so I asked her why it was called ‘Foot-Ball‘ and not ‘Hand-Egg‘. She thought that was funny. I am happy she liked my little joke.

There was a good bit in the middle, when they all stopped running around and shouting, and a man called Justin appeared and sang some songs. That was my favourite part. There was another man on a big blanket. I am not sure what that was all about. Jan said, nobody else really knew either

I don’t know how many points Justin scored, but he did not win the game..

In fact, some Eagles won the game. I did not see them anywhere on the television during the game, and I thought it was unfair that they could win when the other two teams had been doing all of the work.

After the game we all sat around a lovely fire and talked about the game. I was so tired that I fell asleep…

It was a good evening.

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Ashland Trip – Oregon (USA) 2

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Well, the waterfall surprise was obviously the highlight of the day and nothing else could even come close to that experience...

I was very wrong! So many things happened that my mind is like my name. It is all in a jumble!

Along the steaming river, we saw lots of men and women in boats, and carrying big lights on stands. I did not know what was happening, but Jan asked some people who told her that they were filming a movie starring someone called Sandra Bullock. I was so excited even to be close to this that I asked Jan if I could take a photo on her camera.

Later, we travelled along a road called Highway 199 and drove to a very interesting home. Russ told me that it was a ‘studio’. What that means is that the owner is an artist. How exciting!

This artist was a sculptor of wood and we met his lovely wife, Sara and their son Avi. He was a very nice boy. They had a dog called Peluche.  I was shocked to learn that this means teddy bear in Spanish (that’s a different language to English). It was like I was supposed to be here and meet these lovely people!

We looked around the It’s a Burl Gallery and look at all the amazing things that Sara’s husband makes. I found a lovely place to live in a mini, Jumble-sized tree house. I also met a lovely Native American lady called Carrie Yellow Wolf in another shop/studio called Indian Summer at the back of the wood studio.

Sometimes, I wish I could stay in one place like normal people.

We then drove on to a place called Humbug Mountain, back on the Pacific coast. The sun was starting to set and the view was just beautiful.

We finally arrived in Ashland and went to the hotel. Jan and Russ went to the restaurant for something to eat and to celebrate Russ’s, but I was too exhausted. After I had left Russ a little note by the lamp, I went straight to bed.

I think that is the first time I have ever missed a meal!

I have seen so much and learned so much during these last three days. I have seen things I never knew existed, met some interesting people with amazing stories and lives and I feel so happy and loved.

I see now that the world is a much bigger place that I realised (it is not realized, Jan – It really is not). Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever get home.


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Ashland Trip – Oregon (USA) 1

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The final day of the trip was to the town of Ashland. It was Russ's birthday and he and Jan insisted I spend the day with them too.

How wonderful was that?

On the road to Ashland, we took some photos of Mount Shasta. It looked very big, even from a distance and it reminded me of the mountain that I saw in Yerevan. That was called Ararat.

I suddenly felt a little bit sad thinking about that. I had already met so many wonderful people that I would probably never meet again… I felt a strange feeling inside. It was one of happiness and sadness mixed together. When I explained this to Jan, she told me that this is how people feel when they miss people they love. They are close, but also far.

I guess that I will feel this again soon, when I leave these lovely people…

I soon cheered up when Russ helped me to photobomb Jan’s video of the river near where we stopped – you cannot be sad for very long with these two.

We drove on agan and Jan spotted a little road and asked if we could turn back and investigate it. We turned around, drove along this side road, turned a corner…

…and came across the most amazing waterfall!


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Crater Lake – Oregon (USA)

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Oh my goodness! I thought my trip to the Lighthouse was my special trip for the day, but I was also taken to an amazing place called 'Crater Lake' and I saw snow for the very first time.

It is cold, like ice cream, and I think this is what it must feel like when you walk on a cloud. I hope to do that one day too.

Crater Lake was very beautiful. it is very round and has a small island called ‘Wizard Island‘ which was very interesting to see.

Jan told me that it is the deepest lake in America and that it is 1,943 feet deep. I did not know what a foot was (except the ones on the bottom of my legs), but Jan told me.

“There are about three of you in one foot, so that means it would take nearly 6,000 Jumbles to reach the bottom of the lake.”

That is a lot of Jumbles!

I took my very first selfie with the phone at a small creek called “The Narrows” and I think I did a very good job!

I thought the trip to the lighthouse was amazing, but this Crater Lake was so beautiful that I almost forgot to breathe!

We rested in the Visitor Centre which was very warm after the cold lake. I wanted to tell the owner that he had spelled ‘Centre‘ incorrectly on their sign, but I decided it may be a bit rude. Inside the Centre were lovely things to see and for sale. I liked a big photo. It was quite expensive and too big for my box, so we decided not to buy it.

Russ says that we are going to California next. I wonder what is there?


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Bandon – Oregon (USA)

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I have just been on a lovely trip with Russ and Jan along the Pacific coast down to a town called Bandon. I got to visit a wonderful building called a 'lighthouse'.

I thought it looked very big and heavy – not light at all, but Jan explained that it used to shine a light to help ships in the night. What a clever idea! I love learning new things.

Unlike the sea in Bournemouth or the lake in Tbilisi, the ocean here is wild, beautiful and the coast seems to go on forever in each direction.

I enjoyed sitting there whilst I thought about all the wonderful adventures I have had and all the ones that are still to come.

I may be lost and I may not remember my real name, but I am actually a very lucky little bear.


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