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Budapest – Travelling Animals Meeting

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I have been told that I am going somewhere very exciting and very different to the places I have visited so far. Csilla told me that I must attend a training program, so that I am prepared for the journey.

However, she has said that my destination is to stay a secret for now. I feel like an international spy!

Rebeca, Csilla and I travelled to Budapest and met my co-travellers. I was so surprised and pleased. It seems that I will not be the only soft toy travelling to… oops, I almost old you then! I will be going on my journey with Oman the Camel and many others! I am so excited.

We will be led by a very interesting man called Gabor Csonka. Csilla says that he is ‘the most travelled man in Hungary‘. I think she meant the most travelled man outside of Hungary, but I knew what she was trying to say.

During the training, we tried many interesting new ‘vegan’ foods. I had a lovely mango drink called lassi and interesting salads and other things. I did not see any ice-cream, which worries me a little…

Enjoying a Vegan Meal

Enjoying a Vegan Meal

The Lassi was my favourite

Food, glorious food!

Food, glorious food!

The 'Travelling Animals'

The 'Travelling Animals'

Myself, Oman and the others

Photo call!

Photo call!

Oman Gives me a Ride

Oman Gives me a Ride

Playing with Oman

Playing with Oman



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Austria and Snow

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I was nicely surprised during the week. Thursday was a 'public holiday' and Csilla said she had to drive to Austria - a place called Bruck an der Leitha. Although it was a very quick trip, and Rebeca only managed to take a couple of photos, I got to see another country.

It is supposed to be Spring, yet we were greeted with snow when we returned to Hungary. I do love the snow, but I am so very small, that I sometimes disappear underneath even the smallest amount.

However, Csilla and Rebeca looked after me and even gave me something to sit on, so that my ‘bear behind’ stayed warm!

Rebeca and I played in the snow and even built a snow-bear together (I did most of the work, but do not let Rebeca know that I said so).

There is nothing more beautiful than playing in the snow, then going inside and having a large cup of hot chocolate. Unfortunately, we did do the first activity, but somebody forgot the second. In her defence, somebody was clearing the snow from the front path, but I am too small to make my own, so I had to go without…

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Székesfehérvár – Hungary (3)

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It is my last day at school before the weekend and today I got to play the flute. I think that this is my favourite instrument so far. I am not very good, but I will keep practising.

Rebeca is so kind. She took me back to the town centre so that I could see the Automaton Clock again and take a video of it this time. I enjoyed it so much that I had to dance to the pretty bells!

I also got to see the Árpád Spa – Turkish Baths that were built in 1905 – and some other lovely buildings.

(The wonderful Székesfehérvár Automaton Clock)

Later that evening, I got a wonderful surprise. Rebeca and her mum – Csilla – are going on a car trip around a country called Macedonia and we will all be flying to Skopje (the capital) tomorrow.

I am so excited that I am sure I will not be able to sleep.


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Székesfehérvár – Hungary (2)

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We went for a walk around the town today. It is a lovely place, like something off a Christmas card or a biscuit barrel. I was so interested in the buildings that I maybe did not hear correctly, but I am sure Rebeca said that some of the houses were more than a million years old!

After school, where I learned all about recorders, our first stop was to ‘The Orb’ (The Right of Fehérvár’) – a lovely little fountain in the town centre. It was built to commemorate three important events of the life of King Stephen. I don’t know who he was, he lived a very long time ago. Fortunately, the fountain was off, so I could get very close without having a ‘free shower’.

After this, I was taken to some medieval gardens and then to the Most Amazing Thing I Have Ever Seen in the World!

It was a special clock called an ‘Automaton Clock‘ that played the most beautiful tune as little men and women came out of doors… With luck , I can go back and make a video of it to share with you all.

Székesfehérvár (I still cannot say this word) is a very pretty place indeed!


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Székesfehérvár, Hungary

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What a quick trip that was! It took me about a month to get to Oregon, but only about a week to arrive in Hungary. I am very happy as it can be uncomfortable in my little box.

I have not seen much of Hungary, but it is a lot quieter (and colder) than Oregon and California. However, the signs and words are difficult to understand. They are not as hard as they were in Tbilisi and Yerevan, but still very strange for me.

I am with a lovely family Csilla and her daughter, Rebeca. Rebeca goes to a special piano school. It is called a conservatory. I thought that it would be just on the back of her house, overlooking the garden, but it was a big building full of lots other children.

(Rebeca practicing her piano)

I helped Rebeca with her piano lessons and, after school, we went to a beauty parlour where I had my claws cut and my fur cleaned and curled.

I have enjoyed my quiet time, but Csilla says that we will be visiting some interesting places soon. I cannot wait!


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On My Way Again…

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I am leaving Jan, Russ and Oregon behind and I am travelling to a new city, a new country, a new continent.

This time, I know where I am going to. Russ said I will go to a country called Hungary. Again, I was a good bear and didn’t remind him that it is spelled “hungry” – I will never fully understand American spelling!

So, once again, I am in my little box, with a flask of coffee and something called PB and J sandwiches. Jan told me this means Peanut Butter and Jelly. I peeked inside and saw the peanut butter, which I love. There was also some jam, that Jan obviously forgot to tell me about, but absolutely no jelly whatsoever, which was very disappointing. I guess that she must have made them in the dark and used the wrong ingredients. They are still very tasty though!

It is always hard to say goodbye to new friends, but this was particularly difficult. Jan and Russ (and Sammy their cat) were wonderful people and they took me on so many different adventures and fed me so much food that my little tummy almost exploded. I had a very ‘Hippy‘ time with them both

You see Jan, I can spell American too…

Thank you both for an ‘awesome’ experience.

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