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Budapest – Travelling Animals Meeting

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I have been told that I am going somewhere very exciting and very different to the places I have visited so far. Csilla told me that I must attend a training program, so that I am prepared for the journey.

However, she has said that my destination is to stay a secret for now. I feel like an international spy!

Rebeca, Csilla and I travelled to Budapest and met my co-travellers. I was so surprised and pleased. It seems that I will not be the only soft toy travelling to… oops, I almost old you then! I will be going on my journey with Oman the Camel and many others! I am so excited.

We will be led by a very interesting man called Gabor Csonka. Csilla says that he is ‘the most travelled man in Hungary‘. I think she meant the most travelled man outside of Hungary, but I knew what she was trying to say.

During the training, we tried many interesting new ‘vegan’ foods. I had a lovely mango drink called lassi and interesting salads and other things. I did not see any ice-cream, which worries me a little…

Enjoying a Vegan Meal

Enjoying a Vegan Meal

The Lassi was my favourite

Food, glorious food!

Food, glorious food!

The 'Travelling Animals'

The 'Travelling Animals'

Myself, Oman and the others

Photo call!

Photo call!

Oman Gives me a Ride

Oman Gives me a Ride

Playing with Oman

Playing with Oman



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Burger Time – San Francisco (USA)

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It has been a quiet few days with Russ and Jan and we have been discussing where I should travel to next. It will be sad to leave these wonderful people, but I need to move on soon...

But before that, we decided to go on a trip to taste some of the ‘best burgers ever’. I am always happy to eat, so I agreed immediately.

We drove for a long time to a place called In N Out Burger in San Francisco and Jan ordered three ‘Double Doubles’. I was slightly disappointed to learn that they were not all for me, but I put on a brave face and ate just one.

They were so tasty that I wanted to ask for more! Fortunately, Russ could not eat all of his and I managed to sneakily finish it off without them seeing.

Wherever I travel to next, I hope that they have an In N Out there too!

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