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Goodbye Oslo

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It is time to leave Oslo and return to Hungary. I have had a lovely time in Norway and seen some amazing things. Apart from the ice cream, my favourite things were sitting inside a cannon, meeting the Trolls and seeing a viking ship!

Rebeca’s father, Audun, was very nice to me for taking me to all those nice places.

I will be staying with Rebeca and her mother in Hungary for a while, but they have promised me they have other adventures lined up for me soon. I cannot wait!

Train for the Airport

Train for the Airport

The Plane Home...

The Plane Home...

The Plane Home...

The Plane Home...

Home - Waiting for Our Luggage

Home - Waiting for Our Luggage



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Skopje – Macedonia

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Wheeee! I had a wonderful flight from Hungary to Macedonia. This was my first time flying during the day and I got to see the clouds , and the land far below me, properly this time.

We had some food on the plane (it was a bit small) and then, to be honest, the flight was a little boring. There is not much you can do except sit and… sit some more! Csilla and Rebeca went to sleep and I had to entertain myself. I do not think that the cabin crew enjoyed me pressing the button to call them every few minutes, but I did enjoy the little fan blows in your face, I had a lot of fun with that!

We finally arrived in The Republic of Macedonia and went into the city centre. It was a little bit late by then, so we only managed walk along the river (Vardar), to eat some food, listen to some music and then go back to the hotel and sleep.

Rebeca says that we will be travelling a lot tomorrow and seeing many great things.

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