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San Francisco, California (USA)

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California! What a place!! I saw giant trees, giant bridges and, as you have already seen, giant burgers! I even saw a giant wooden man!

Our first stop was to the wine region to see a house that Jan and Russ once stayed for while. It had been totally destroyed by the big ‘wine county’ fire and they were both very upset.

We then moved on to San Francisco and I got to see the biggest bridge I have ever seen. It is call the Golden Gate Bridge. However, it is red, and I saw no gates at all. Russ showed me on a map that that it is named after the Golden Gate Strait. I was a very polite bear and did not point out that it should have been spelled ‘straight‘ – I have learned how sensitive Americans are to being told about their spelling mistakes.

It was a beautiful sight and, once again, I found myself sitting and thinking what a lucky little bear I was to be having such adventures!

On the way back home to Coos Bay, Jan said she wanted to show me the sequoias, I have never seen these animals before, so I agreed immediately. We drove to the Richardson Grove State Park, a forest full of large, beautiful trees, which was wonderful. However, as hard as I tried, I never saw a single sequoia! Perhaps they were hiding from us!

I did get to meet a large bear statue and a tall wooden man called Paul Bunyan in Klamath. He lived a long time ago and used to look after the woods. I felt very small beside him, but then, so did everybody!

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Burger Time – San Francisco (USA)

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It has been a quiet few days with Russ and Jan and we have been discussing where I should travel to next. It will be sad to leave these wonderful people, but I need to move on soon...

But before that, we decided to go on a trip to taste some of the ‘best burgers ever’. I am always happy to eat, so I agreed immediately.

We drove for a long time to a place called In N Out Burger in San Francisco and Jan ordered three ‘Double Doubles’. I was slightly disappointed to learn that they were not all for me, but I put on a brave face and ate just one.

They were so tasty that I wanted to ask for more! Fortunately, Russ could not eat all of his and I managed to sneakily finish it off without them seeing.

Wherever I travel to next, I hope that they have an In N Out there too!

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Ashland Trip – Oregon (USA) 1

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The final day of the trip was to the town of Ashland. It was Russ's birthday and he and Jan insisted I spend the day with them too.

How wonderful was that?

On the road to Ashland, we took some photos of Mount Shasta. It looked very big, even from a distance and it reminded me of the mountain that I saw in Yerevan. That was called Ararat.

I suddenly felt a little bit sad thinking about that. I had already met so many wonderful people that I would probably never meet again… I felt a strange feeling inside. It was one of happiness and sadness mixed together. When I explained this to Jan, she told me that this is how people feel when they miss people they love. They are close, but also far.

I guess that I will feel this again soon, when I leave these lovely people…

I soon cheered up when Russ helped me to photobomb Jan’s video of the river near where we stopped – you cannot be sad for very long with these two.

We drove on agan and Jan spotted a little road and asked if we could turn back and investigate it. We turned around, drove along this side road, turned a corner…

…and came across the most amazing waterfall!


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Susanville – California (USA)

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We have been driving all day and I am a little hungry. Russ and Jan decided to head back North and stop off at a town called Susanville.

It felt very different to any other town I had visited. There were some old cowboy buildings and a church nearby that I am sure was haunted by ghosts.

We went to a restaurant, or maybe it was a bar, called Lassen Ale Works. Jan suggested that have a Monte Cristo sandwich. I have never heard of anything like this, but I decided to be brave and try it. It was the strangest sandwich I have ever tasted. It had:

  • Turkey
  • Ham
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Mayonnaise

This was put inside something called ‘Texas Toast’. It was then battered in a light beer batter and deep fried, dusted with powered sugar and served with a side of Drunken Raspberry Sauce.

I have never seen a sandwich so big. In fact , it was so big and so filling that I could hardly finish the third one!

I was a bear with a very full belly!


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Nakoma Resort (USA)

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I am almost out of breath with all the travelling and visiting that we have done.

After our wonderful trip to Crater Lake, we left Oregon and entered California (although, apart from a sign, it looked the same to me at first).

Russ was driving and said he wanted to visit an interesting building that ‘looks like a tepee.’ This word made me laugh a lot. I didn’t know that a tepee was a tent that native Americans used to live in a long time ago and that we were about to visit a 20th Century house designed to look like one.

It was designed in 1923, which is a very long time ago, but was only built in 20o1. Jan told me that the designer was Frank Lloyd Wright. I really tried my best to look impressed, but I suspect that Jan knew I had never heard of him.

The building was beautiful and like nothing I had seen before. I could see how it was inspired by the old native tents and understood why they wanted to visit it.


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