Ashland Trip – Oregon (USA) 1

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Ashland Trip – Oregon (USA) 1

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The final day of the trip was to the town of Ashland. It was Russ's birthday and he and Jan insisted I spend the day with them too.

How wonderful was that?

On the road to Ashland, we took some photos of Mount Shasta. It looked very big, even from a distance and it reminded me of the mountain that I saw in Yerevan. That was called Ararat.

I suddenly felt a little bit sad thinking about that. I had already met so many wonderful people that I would probably never meet again… I felt a strange feeling inside. It was one of happiness and sadness mixed together. When I explained this to Jan, she told me that this is how people feel when they miss people they love. They are close, but also far.

I guess that I will feel this again soon, when I leave these lovely people…

I soon cheered up when Russ helped me to photobomb Jan’s video of the river near where we stopped – you cannot be sad for very long with these two.

We drove on agan and Jan spotted a little road and asked if we could turn back and investigate it. We turned around, drove along this side road, turned a corner…

…and came across the most amazing waterfall!


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Ashland Trip - Oregon (USA) 2
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February 3, 2018at 3:36 pm

Wow! It’s my ambition to see a big waterfall, lucky you!


    February 3, 2018at 3:58 pm

    I know David will be jealous also. He told me that he LOVES waterfalls also…


March 14, 2018at 9:13 am

Your such a lucky bear I wish I was coming with you.


    March 15, 2018at 1:19 pm

    Hello Nino. Thank you for reading my article.
    Many people are enjoying my travels and wish to come with me. I am very lucky!

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