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I have met many people in my travels. Some people I have met for a moment, others for longer. But without exception, everyone has been so kind to me and greeted me with a wonderful smile and, sometimes, a big hug or a kiss (which I enjoyed very much).

However, there are also those people to whom I was sent to help me on my journey. Those people have fed me, looked after me and taken me on such amazing adventures.

I never knew there were so many cities, countries, currencies and languages. Every turn in every town, has brought new and exciting experiences and I wish to thank you all for caring for me.

I love you all.

I hope to meet more people as I travel, so please keep coming back to see my ever-growing list of friends around the world.

Penny (Bournemouth)

Penny (Bournemouth)

Penny was the first person I met after I escaped. She looked after me for many days and showed me her lovely city of Bournemouth (England). It was lovely to be by the sea.

David (Tbilisi)

David (Tbilisi)

David is an English man, but he lives in Tbilisi (Georgia). He took me to the lake where we hunted for Gnomes...

Lusine (Yerevan)

Lusine (Yerevan)

Lusine lives in Yerevan (Armenia). I was only with her for a couple of days, but she showed me all around the city and I met many of her friends.

Jan and Russ (Coos Bay)

Jan and Russ (Coos Bay)

Jan and Russ took me on wonderful adventures around Oregon and California (both in the USA). I cannot even begin to list the amazing things I saw!

Rebeca (Székesfehérvár)

Rebeca (Székesfehérvár)

Rebeca, and her mother Csilla, showed me some beautiful places in Székesfehérvár (Hungary). We also travelled to Macedonia, Austria and Oslo together. I learned to play many instruments and saw Rebeca play the piano in a concert!

Jumble and Gabor in Iran
Gabor (Iran)

Gabor (Iran)

Gabor took me to Iran, where we saw many exciting things! It is a very different country to any I have visited.

Sopi - Portugal

Sopi - Portugal

Sopi took me on a trip from Georgia to Portugal. We saw some lovely towns, learned how to make Port wine and ate (very hot) Chicken Piri-Piri. Portugal was very nice, and Sopi was a wonderful companion.


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