Getting Home

Thank you so much for helping me find my way home! The further I travel, the more I learn and, with luck, I will be able to find my real owner again. I cannot remember much about her, but I know I was happy.

If you have received me in the post, that is because you were contacted by a trusted friend who also wants to help me to get home. They followed these simple steps:



🐾 When I arrive at your door, please let my friends know I am safe by posting on my Facebook page or by sending me a message.
🐾 Please do not keep me for more than a few days. I am trying so hard to get home!
🐾 I am happy just to sit in your house and meet your family, but if you have time, I would love to see a little of your hometown and maybe take some photos.
🐾 Send me any photos that we took while I was with you. If you can also provide me your names and remind me a little about what we did, my friends will turn this into a nice page about our time together.


🐾 Contact someone you trust and get their agreement before posting me on. I would be so sad if I stayed in one place because I got lost or because they could not send me on.
🐾 Put me back in my box as safely as possible (hopefully, I arrived this way too).
🐾 Please do not add any other things inside the box.
🐾 If you can send me by courier, I would be very happy! I love to travel ‘first class’ from time to time, plus I may get home sooner.

I Am Currently Here

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The Weather Today

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I Have Travelled

37,404 M


60,196 KM

11 Countries and 20 Cities

Armenia (1)
Austria (1)
Georgia (2)
Iran (3)
Hungary (2)
Macedonia (2)
Norway (1)
Portugal (3)
Turkey (1)
United Kingdom (1)
United States of America (3)