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Székesfehérvár, Hungary

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What a quick trip that was! It took me about a month to get to Oregon, but only about a week to arrive in Hungary. I am very happy as it can be uncomfortable in my little box.

I have not seen much of Hungary, but it is a lot quieter (and colder) than Oregon and California. However, the signs and words are difficult to understand. They are not as hard as they were in Tbilisi and Yerevan, but still very strange for me.

I am with a lovely family Csilla and her daughter, Rebeca. Rebeca goes to a special piano school. It is called a conservatory. I thought that it would be just on the back of her house, overlooking the garden, but it was a big building full of lots other children.

(Rebeca practicing her piano)

I helped Rebeca with her piano lessons and, after school, we went to a beauty parlour where I had my claws cut and my fur cleaned and curled.

I have enjoyed my quiet time, but Csilla says that we will be visiting some interesting places soon. I cannot wait!


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