Hello New York

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Hello New York


I have arrived in America. The man in the Post Office told me I was in New York.

I was here once before, but that time I arrived by plane. This time I came by boat and it looks very different. I guess it is a big city, like Tbilisi!

It has been good to stretch my legs, but I was also informed that I will be moving on to a place called Oregon! I am not sure if this is a big town, but I am still excited… I do hope that the next people I visit are as nice as everyone else I have met so far.

Coos Bay - Oregon (USA) 1
Goodbye Tbilisi

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I am a little lost bear. I have lost my owner, my friends, my home and my memory. I do have some cloudy memories of a little girl but I cannot see her face when I close my eyes. I cannot remember anything else about my life apart from that. I think my name is Jumble. That was the name given to me by the old lady who found me. I am trying to find my way back home using the postal service as a way to travel around the world.



January 24, 2018at 1:19 pm

New York is a VERY big city, Jumble, it is sometimes called the Big Apple. Don’t look for one though, as it’s only a nickname! There should be LOTS of huge ice cream sundaes there for you if you have the chance!! Maybe if you ask the Post Office man nicely…………..
Good luck for your next journey!


    January 24, 2018at 1:44 pm

    The Big Apple is a very funny name. I know that all apples are big to me, but I wonder why it is called that?

    I will definitely ask the man for an ice-cream. It has been so long without one…

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