Bournemouth (UK)

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Bournemouth (UK)

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Oh! That was a long journey! I am bumped and bruised after two days of travelling! Skip's idea had worked. I was in another house, somewhere in the world! It was great to be out of the dark, but imagine the surprise of the lady who opened who opened my box! She shouted out loud with surprise and excitement!

“How wonderful! What have we here?” she exclaimed.

I explained my problems to this lady – how I had been stolen, how I had lost my memory and how I was posting myself from town to town, trying to find my way home.

She introduced herself as Penny. She lives in a place called Bournemouth. I don’t know how far I travelled, but I think I was in the same country as the young girl who had sent me.

Penny was lovely. She offered to help me immediately, but also asked if I wanted to spend a couple of days with her and visit her town. I agreed immediately! I certainly needed a rest after my bumpy trip.

It was early in the morning and, after we had breakfast, Penny gave me an old coat and scarf that she had in the cupboard.

“It will be cold outside, so you will need these.”

It was just the right size and very warm indeed.

Once dressed, we went outside. Bournemouth is by the sea, and we had a wonderful time walking along the beach. At one point, we saw a telescope on the promenade.

“Perhaps I will see my home with it!” I suggested.

We searched the sea and the coastline, but I saw nothing I recognised.

“Don’t worry,” Penny said. “We’ll get you home. There will be many people from all over the world ready to help you.”

Penny bought me an ice-cream. I’d never had one before. It was very cold! This is officially my new favourite food!

Once I had finished, she took me to the local Bowling Club. I didn’t know how to play the game, but I had a go. My bowl didn’t go very far, and also went in the wrong direction. The game is much harder than it looks, so I sat on a bench and watched the men and women rolling their bowls across the grass, trying to hit the little white one. They were all much better than me. If I had more time, I would have liked to have learned how to play it properly.

Towards the end of the day, We took a walk through the nearby woods. It was a lovely to wander amongst shadows made by the tall trees. I was getting tired by this time, so we headed for home. My little legs had carried me for miles – longer than I had ever walked before. After my recent adventures – losing my memory and escaping from that evil witch , it was so nice to have some time to just relax with a wonderful lady.

Later that evening, we ate a lovely meal and Penny tucked me into the most comfortable bed.

Penny woke me early the next morning with some great news.

“I have a great friend who will help you,” she said. “If you’re ready, I’ll post you off after breakfast!”

It looks like I’m off again. I don’t know where I’m going, but I am sure they will help me get back home.

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I am a little lost bear. I have lost my owner, my friends, my home and my memory. I do have some cloudy memories of a little girl but I cannot see her face when I close my eyes. I cannot remember anything else about my life apart from that. I think my name is Jumble. That was the name given to me by the old lady who found me. I am trying to find my way back home using the postal service as a way to travel around the world.


Penny Bonser

November 24, 2017at 1:12 pm

Wow! Jumble is having an adventure!! I shall love following his journey, I really hope he manages to find his way back to his forever home.

Grumpy Writer

November 25, 2017at 12:53 pm

Cute commentary. I hope your next trip is just as fun!

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