Oslo – Norway

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Oslo – Norway

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Just as Hungary was starting to warm up, Rebeca and I travelled to Norway and, once again, I find myself walking around in the deep snow. It doesn't matter how many times I remind her, she sometimes forgets that even a couple of centimetres of snow is up to my knees...

However, I must be honest. Oslo seems very nice indeed. We went to a lovely place called Frogner Park with Rebeca’s father and saw so many different statues that I lost count. I will have to tell you all about them in a different article.

My favourite part was meeting the man who manages an ice cream shop in the Grünerløkka district. I advised him that Rebeca and her mother had not given me a single ice cream since I had arrived in Hungary, and he agreed that it was very poor for a little bear like me to go without for so long. He took me into his shop and gave me two tubs of the most amazing homemade ice cream I have ever tasted in my short life.

The Manager is my new best friend!

The people in Oslo are very friendly and I saw many of them in the park, admiring the statues and playing with their children. However, Norway does seem to get very dark, very quickly. Rebeca’s father explained that it was because we were further North, but I am confused – North is at the top, and I thought that the higher we went, the closer to the sun we would be!

Rebeca and I are only here for three or four days, but I hope we manage to see some more fun things before we leave. She also said that she and her mother have been discussing some places I should visit to try to find my owner, and they have been organising some trips for me over the next few months. I cannot wait to see where I will be going.

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Oslo - Norway

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April 3, 2018at 12:17 pm

Ice cream heaven! Happy days, Jumble! xx

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