Ohrid – Macedonia

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Ohrid – Macedonia

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After a fun evening in Skopje, and a long sleep in the most comfortable bed, Csilla, Rebeca and I hired a car and drove to a town called Ohrid.

It is a lovely little town on the shore of the Ohrid Lake. From here we could see across the water to another country called Albania. I do not really understand how the same area can be two different countries. Csilla said it was very complicated…

Ohrid had a lot of churches. These belong to different people who believe almost the same thing, but believe it in slightly different ways. I do not really understand how that works. Csilla said it was very complicated…

It did not matter though, because all these buildings were very pretty indeed. One was very tall and thin and painted white, another was shorter, fatter and had interesting patterns on it. This was built in an area called the Basicila. We were helped by a nice guide who told us lots of interesting information about it and also showed us the ancient theatre that had been been buried for hundreds of years and even had modern houses build over it because everyone had forgotten it was there. Rebeca said this was strange, but I told her that I once lost a biscuit and could not remember where I had left it for two whole days! I think she understood after that.

It was so nice to be beside the water again. It was not as big as the Pacific in Oregon, but it is still such a nice smell and breeze. There were many people there too, enjoying the air.

(Ohrid and the Lake)

Our hotel had a piano. Rebeca played again for me. I do enjoy listening to her. I think everyone else did too. We also met the manager of the hotel. I do not think he liked me very much even though I explained that I was a very clean and tidy bear.

The next day, we drove back to Skopje by a different road. It was a nice trip and I enjoyed it very much.


Skopje (2) - Macedonia
Skopje - Macedonia

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March 15, 2018at 12:28 pm

Lots of lovely photos and a great video, Jumble.
I was wondering if you have mentioned to Csilla and Rebeca how much you like ice cream??????????


    March 15, 2018at 1:18 pm

    I have…. many times…

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