San Francisco, California (USA)

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San Francisco, California (USA)

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California! What a place!! I saw giant trees, giant bridges and, as you have already seen, giant burgers! I even saw a giant wooden man!

Our first stop was to the wine region to see a house that Jan and Russ once stayed for while. It had been totally destroyed by the big ‘wine county’ fire and they were both very upset.

We then moved on to San Francisco and I got to see the biggest bridge I have ever seen. It is call the Golden Gate Bridge. However, it is red, and I saw no gates at all. Russ showed me on a map that that it is named after the Golden Gate Strait. I was a very polite bear and did not point out that it should have been spelled ‘straight‘ – I have learned how sensitive Americans are to being told about their spelling mistakes.

It was a beautiful sight and, once again, I found myself sitting and thinking what a lucky little bear I was to be having such adventures!

On the way back home to Coos Bay, Jan said she wanted to show me the sequoias, I have never seen these animals before, so I agreed immediately. We drove to the Richardson Grove State Park, a forest full of large, beautiful trees, which was wonderful. However, as hard as I tried, I never saw a single sequoia! Perhaps they were hiding from us!

I did get to meet a large bear statue and a tall wooden man called Paul Bunyan in Klamath. He lived a long time ago and used to look after the woods. I felt very small beside him, but then, so did everybody!

On My Way Again...
Burger Time - San Francisco (USA)

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I am a little lost bear. I have lost my owner, my friends, my home and my memory. I do have some cloudy memories of a little girl but I cannot see her face when I close my eyes. I cannot remember anything else about my life apart from that. I think my name is Jumble. That was the name given to me by the old lady who found me. I am trying to find my way back home using the postal service as a way to travel around the world.



February 19, 2018at 12:51 pm

Wow! That bear is so big, Jumble! You look tiny on his huge paw! You were very brave to sit right up there!
You are doing all the things I should love to do one day, you are such a lucky Jumble bear!


    February 19, 2018at 2:13 pm

    Hello Penny.
    He was a very big bear. I was scared until I realised he was not a real bear like me!
    I have seen so many places that I think I have seen nearly the whole world now!

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