Superbowl 2018 – Coos Bay (USA)

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Superbowl 2018 – Coos Bay (USA)

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Russ and Jan took me to a local pub to watch something called the 'Superbowl'.

The Liberty Pub was full of lovely people and we watched the game on a large television and ate hot dogs, although everyone called them ‘brats‘ and lovely chips, which they all called ‘fries’. It is all very strange.

The game was quite exciting went on for a long time and was very confusing. Many men, dressed in motorcycle helmets were running with something that didn’t look like a ball at all. They hardly ever kicked it, but held it in their hands and threw it to each other. A lady called Susan was there. She is a teacher, so I asked her why it was called ‘Foot-Ball‘ and not ‘Hand-Egg‘. She thought that was funny. I am happy she liked my little joke.

There was a good bit in the middle, when they all stopped running around and shouting, and a man called Justin appeared and sang some songs. That was my favourite part. There was another man on a big blanket. I am not sure what that was all about. Jan said, nobody else really knew either

I don’t know how many points Justin scored, but he did not win the game..

In fact, some Eagles won the game. I did not see them anywhere on the television during the game, and I thought it was unfair that they could win when the other two teams had been doing all of the work.

After the game we all sat around a lovely fire and talked about the game. I was so tired that I fell asleep…

It was a good evening.

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